Last updated: May 31, 2024

Saakuru (SKR) Sponsored Sponsored By JujuLab Saakuru (SKR) on Decubate Launchpad

Saakuru is a consumer-centric Layer-2 protocol with zero transaction fees and unique multi-purpose tokenomics.

Project Industry…………………………..Blockchain Infrastructure / Optimism Ecosystem / Layer-2

Product type………………………………..Protocol

Whitepaper…………………………………. Download

Technical details

The Saakuru token is a multi-purpose (utility & governance) token of the Saakuru Protocol with a burning mechanism that constantly reduces the total circulating supply. The Saakuru Protocol harnesses the power of its SKR token to fuel governance and utility, crafting a gas-less ecosystem designed for long-term expansion. By introducing a dynamic where developers can slash their operational costs through SKR staking, and implementing a rigorous token burning strategy across various layers of the protocol, SKR’s value and demand are set to skyrocket. This strategy cleverly ties the token’s scarcity to its utility, making it a cornerstone for both network governance and developer engagement, ensuring the Saakuru ecosystem’s robust growth.

What is Saakuru

Saakuru Protocol is a consumer-centric L2 protocol with zero transaction fees based on OP Stack to create a frictionless experience for any application. Using the Saakuru Protocol alongside the Saakuru Developer Suite enables any product to add Web3 capability in just one day. 

The Saakuru Protocol is already live & records more than 1.4 million transactions/week, which already puts it into the top 20 public blockchains by transactions per week only nine months after network launch. This quick transaction growth is mainly influenced by its gasless nature and very fast block time. 

On top of that, Saakuru Labs has launched its own Developer Suite: a comprehensive set of highly interoperable modules like Mobile Wallet SDK, NFT management platform, Blockchain data API, and Gamification API, which allows products to embed essential Web3 modules directly to their products significantly reducing cost and speed for any go-to-market strategy. 


IDO (Decubate Launchpad): May 28, 2024 – May 28, 2024
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 SKR
Total tokens for sale: 12,000,000 SKR

Blockchain Platform: Saakuru
Registration country: Singapore
Token info

Ticker: SKR
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 SKR = 0.025 USD

Token distribution:
Conversion – 55% 
Ecosystem Fund – 8% 
Treasury – 8% 
Private – 10.05% 
Liquidity – 7% 
Team – 6% 
IDO on Launchpads – 1.2% 
Strategic – 3.75% 
Advisors – 1%

Saakuru Roadmap


2024 Q1

  • Saakuru ecosystem v1.
    • Saakuru Transparency Portal launch v1.
    • NFT marketplace launch
  • Saakuru Mobile SDK v1.
    • Updates based on clients’ needs. First use-cases launch.
  • Saakuru App v5.
    • Social logins
    • Add Solana support for APIs and Wallet Engine
    • WalletConnect updates
    • Academy integration
    • News aggregator engine integration
  • NFTs CRM v1.
    • Adding self-service customizable NFT deployment


2024 Q2

  • Saakuru ecosystem v1.
    • SKR token launch
    • IDO on launchpads
    • Taffy DeFi Platform launch v1.*
  • Saakuru self-custody dashboard v1.
    • Self-custody dashboard for Developer Suite
    • Customizable zkNFT page
  • Saakuru Mobile SDK v2.
    • Upgrading Shamir-Secret-Sharing to MPC-based Wallet (Wallet engine)


2024 Q3

  • Saakuru ecosystem v2.
    • Open DeFi routes to other EVM-based chains with Router Protocol
  • Saakuru Mobile SDK v3.
    • Enabling the “ZI” (Zero-Interface) integration feature for Wallet SDK
  • Gamification API v2.
    • Gamification API subscribes to real-time updates WebSocket.
  • Saakuru Mobile SDK v3.
    • Wallet SDK for web-based applications
    • Add support for any EVM-based chain for APIs and Wallet Engine

Project team

Jack Vinijtrongjit

Jack Vinijtrongjit

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jack Vinijtrongjit linkedin

Nelly Sutjiadi

Nelly Sutjiadi

Co-Founder and Chairwoman

Nelly Sutjiadi linkedin

Marius Šilenskis

Marius Šilenskis

Partner and Chief of Web3 Engineering & Growth

Marius Šilenskis linkedin

Simson Chu

Simson Chu

Chief Operating Officer

Simson Chu linkedin

Nick Leong

Nick Leong

VP of Engineering

Nick Leong linkedin

Omar Kevin Moscoso

Omar Kevin Moscoso

Co-Founder & Director

Omar Kevin Moscoso linkedin

Jayson Casinillo

Jayson Casinillo

Co-Founder VP of GameFi operations

Jayson Casinillo linkedin

Domas Ambrazevičius

Domas Ambrazevičius

VP of Design

Domas Ambrazevičius linkedin

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